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  When Chinuah Achebe wrote "Things Fall Apart" in 1958, few could have guessed that it would have such a tremendous impact and draw so much attention to its sociopolitical themes that the novel would be studied by students as far away as the United States in an era as distant as the 21st century. Yet the works of Achebe and many other African authors of the last one hundred or so years have not only made their way into mainstream literature...but into the forums of higher education as well. 
   AfricanLit.Com serves not only as a tribute to these great authors from the "dark continent" but also as a database for essays, reports, and papers critically analyzing some of the genre's most commonly read works! If you're a student struggling to understand a piece of African literature assigned to you, use the "paper list" button on your left to browse a database of essays designed to help you understand... or write a term paper about the story you're reading! And if you can't find anything on the particular piece of African fiction YOU'RE writing about, just use the "customized" help button to have us create something NEW...from scratch... on ANYTHING YOU WANT!!! Whether you're working on a critical analysis, a general overview, or a comprehensive survey of authors, AfricanLit.Com CAN help!!!

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